Nothing beats experience

Our fund offers operational support to fast-growing premium brands.
And it is the single model of its kind.

Our brands have a lot in common.

Cosmetics, accessories, food, fashion, jewellery, furniture, leisure, technology and related services, if our brands are singularly different, they have a lot in common. They grow into the affordable luxury segment, have physical and/or online points of sale, and have proven growth potential in France and abroad. They are also run by excellent managers/founders.

We target investments in France and Europe.

We do minority or majority investments, with or without leverage effect, mainly in European, American and Asian companies with entreprise value ranging from €10M to €100M. We target equity tickets between €10M and €30M.

We support brands like nobody else.

Our 3 founders provide regular coaching to our managers on strategic matters. Our 8 operational experts are 100% dedicated to our portfolio companies in relation to daily operational support in retail, digital, sourcing, offering, finance, style, retail and international development. Our 3 investment directors are the key entry point for all of our managers regarding business and financial matters and the coordination of our experts’ interventions.