Our commitments

Fully assume our role as a responsible shareholder by promoting sustainable and lasting value creation.

Swedish West Coast

Therefore, we encourage all our portfolio companies to act responsibly, convinced that an active policy on environmental, social and governance issues contributes to lasting value creation for the company and all stakeholders.

Our commitments.

As a responsible investor, we are committed to :

  • Systematically integrate environmental, social and governance dimensions into our investment strategy, in particular by excluding non-ethical sectors
  • To encourage portfolio companies to take these issues into account and to disseminate best practices between brands
  • Communicate transparently, particularly to our investors, on the actions taken and the progress still to be made
  • Leading by example by implementing concrete actions within the management company and by following our progress through an annual audit on our carbon footprint
  • Promoting ESG within the private equity industry
Our active ESG policy.

In order to meet all these commitments, we have implemented a ESG policy, based on :

  • A dedicated and multidisciplinary team on the matter, in charge of coordinating and promoting the policy within our management company and the brands
  • ESG processes to ensure that the issues are taken into account throughout the life of the investment
    • At the time of investment, by validating the target's positioning in relation to ESG issues and conducting the necessary audits
    • During the holding phase, by ensuring the formalization and implementation of a ESG policy within the portfolio companies, reviewed at least once a year by the Supervisory Committee
    • At exit, by ensuring that initiatives put in place to show the durability and sustainability of the brand are highlighted
  • An active watch on the subject with the institutions that refer to the matter
Our ESG journey.
Our ESG journey.
Our commitments for gender parity.

Over 50% of our management company is made up of women. Among our portfolio companies, more than 60% are founded and / or managed by women.

We are convinced that gender parity within a company promotes emulation, with a diversity of ideas necessary to meet tomorrow's challenges. With this in mind, we reaffirm our commitment to actively promote gender parity within the management company and the companies we support.

In order to achieve a sustainable gender balance at all levels, we take proactive measures to improve equality, with particular emphasis on the career progression of all employees - through coaching, mentoring and adoption of work-from-home policies.

Providing support beyond our porfolio with RAISESHERPAS

In March 2022, Experienced Capital entered into a partnership with the philanthropic structure RAISESHERPAS.

As part of the partnership, the Experienced Capital team regularly spends dedicated mentoring time with start-ups and provides them their know-how and experience, on a pro-bono basis.

More information on the programme

Supporting brands in their CSR approach.

We believe it is essential to support brands, particularly by :

  • Supporting and encouraging CSR initiatives in the brands
  • Disseminating best practices within the brand portfolio
  • Encouraging the implementation of a global CSR strategy for the brand

All the brands in ECP's portfolio have taken the measure of the stakes and are already engaged

For more information, download :

A few examples within our portfolio companies
Nouvelle Garde
Nouvelle Garde
The product at the heart of the plate
  • 3 brasseries of Nouvelle Garde have been certified « Eco-table »
    The group offers home-cooked, seasonal, locally sourced food at a fair price, based on direct relationship with local suppliers
  • Employee motivation and well-being are at the core of Nouvelle Garde’s approach : optimised working pace with uninterrupted restaurant hours, emphasis on training and internal promotion within the Group
Long lasting clothes
  • Strict selection of suppliers based on local know-how is at the heart of the Sœur model to ensure the durability of the clothes while promoting local production (67% of Spring-Summer 2023 collection was manufactured in close import)
  • Since 2022, Sœur has been member of the Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability (ICS) to perform social audits of the suppliers and support them in their improvement process
L:a Bruket
L:a Bruket
Beauty with commitment
  • The brand has received Cosmos certification for many of its references, assuring consumers that the products are made from preserved natural resources, which are then processed in Sweden using formulas and production processes that are respectful of the environment and human health
  • L:a Bruket has also taken its commitment one step further with the Forest Pledge agreement : 5% of its net sales from the Spruce product line are donated to the Swedish charity Naturarvet that buys old-gowth forest land for their long-term protection
Le Slip Français
Le Slip Français
Good-to-wear manufacturer
  • Le Slip Français which has been Entreprise à mission since 2020 has been producing everything in France for 10 years, from yarn to final packaging
  • In 2022, 65% of the production was made of responsible materials : bio-centric, local, recycled or upcycled materials
The 4 pillar sustainable strategy at the heart of the company’s strategy
  • Better together : creating long lasting value for every Reform’s stakeholder
  • Better supply chain : protecting biodiversity and nature through responsible supply chain and significant CO2 emissions reduction
  • Better design : designing long-lasting kitchens with high quality materials
  • Better growth : growing in an ethical and transparent way without harming people or the planet
" Next up " initiatives
  • 40% of the Spring-Summer 2023 collection is made of low-impact materials
  • 62% of the Spring-Summer 2023 collection is made of natural materials
  • 36% of the Spring-Summer 2023 collection has been certified Standard 100 from OEKO-TEX®, which sets higher standards than current regulation on chemicals