Do you want to change the world? Start by changing your briefs!

Le Slip Français designs underwear and clothing with a strong style, for both men and women. The pieces are essentially made of blue-white-red cotton and echo their 100% French manufacturing origins. Since its inception in 2012, the brand has been continually innovating to offer a wardrobe that really works and to promote the talents of the national legacy. In search of the best craftsmanship, from ‘yarn-knitting’ stage to the way the garments are made, from the label to the elastics, and even the way the packaging is produced, the founder Guillaume Gibault travels throughout the territory in his determination to reinvent French textile manufacturing. The success of Le Slip Français means that it is also a job-creator in the country – something that has led to the company being described as a "model brand". Le Slip Français is also a model in terms of communication: the brand's unique DNA, which plays on quirky humour, has created a community of die-hard Le Slip fans.

Stores : 18
Corners : 4