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High-end eyewear at affordable prices

Created in 2011 by Antonin Chartier and Sacha Bostoni, Jimmy Fairly is a game-changer in the world of optics. The eyewear manufacturer offers high-end collections at affordable prices, free from any involvement with intermediaries. A simple offer of €99 for a pair, lenses included, makes the eyewear brand stand out. The combination of fashionable, modern designs and a spirit of altruism also speak to the uniqueness of the brand. The founders believe everyone should have the right to see well, so they have set up the "Buy One Give One" system in association with the RestoringVision, a non-profit global health organization. As a result, for every pair purchased from Jimmy Fairly, a pair of eyeglasses is offered to a person in need somewhere in the world.

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Top of the rangeTrendyFair