Amélie Dian


Operational Director - Style, Image & Social Media Expert

Vision, Art, & Kundalini

Amélie Gillier joined Experienced Capital in June 2016 as Operational Director – Style and Image Expert.

In 1997, Amélie co-founded Zadig & Voltaire, of which she was Artistic Director for 12 years.   Thanks to her creative and strategic visions, the brand enjoyed remarkable growth, becoming a key player in the Affordable Luxury segment in just a few years.

In 2007, she created her own Lovemilla brand, and then, called upon by LVMH, she decided to join Kenzo’s design studio, together with the new Artistic Directors Carol Lim and Humberto Léon.

At Comptoir des Cotonniers in 2013, Amélie was given the global position of Artistic Director and Director of Image, and she enabled the brand to increase its turnover by 30% from the first season onwards. She was also involved in the development of advertising campaigns and had the opportunity to work closely with the press.

In 2015, Amélie joined the Vente Privée Group as Fashion Expert Consultant to drive the diversification and modernization of the website's fashion offer and to add digital experience to her career.

What really thrills Amélie

Fashion. Art. And Paris.

Parisian-born, Amélie nurtures a passion for fashion and artistic expression in the broadest sense. Architecture, design and contemporary art occupy an equally important place in her life as do her passions for Kundalini Yoga and vegan cuisine that she also shares with her three children.