Amélie Gosselin-Furno



Investment, Vinyasa and Cyclades

Amélie Gosselin-Furno joined Experienced Capital in October 2019 as Investment Director to strengthen the investment team as part of ECP II’s deployment.

She is in charge of monitoring Balibaris and Figaret, and works actively on the deal-flow. In addition, Amélie aims to accelerate the implementation of a CSR policy within Experienced Capital and the portfolio companies.

In 2009, Amélie began her career as a strategy consultant at Advention Business Partners in Paris. During 4 years, she led operational projects for companies in the consumer goods, transportation and business services sectors as well as strategic audits for investment funds.

In 2013, she joined 21 Invest, a pan-European private equity fund with €1.1 billion asset under management as an associate then became Investment Director in charge of multiple acquisitions and exits as well as the monitoring of several portfolio companies.

During her time at 21 Invest, Amélie was also part of the team dedicated to CSR, in which she was actively involved, convinced by the relevance and key challenges of social and environmental issues.

Amélie graduated from HEC Paris in 2009.

What drives Amélie

When she is not meditating on a Yoga mat, Amélie prepares her next family escape in Greece and hunts the best spots to share dinner with friends.